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Data protection

Invesco Asset Management Deutschland GmbH (referred to in the following as “Invesco”), the publisher of this website, treats all personal data provided online with the greatest possible care. Invesco complies with all applicable statutory regulations regarding data protection and utilizes the most advanced techniques available for securing data.

Collection and storage of usage data

When internet sites are used, certain technical data (such as the date and time of access, website name, etc.) are collected for technical reasons; this is necessary for technical reasons. However, such data is collected in anonymous form without identifying the website user personally.

No collection or storage of personal data

Our website does not collect personal data, i.e., data which allow reference to your person, nor are such data necessary to the use of our website.

Use of cookies

In order to access the following pages in our website, your browser must accept cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on the internet user’s hard disk. A cookie contains only information which originates from the server or which is provided by you when filling out a form. A cookie can only be read by the server from which it originates. It is not possible for a server to read “foreign” cookies. In particular, it is impossible to read or store any other files on the user’s hard disk. Cookies cannot contain or spread viruses. Our website uses cookies. By setting a cookie, the user can access Invesco web pages within a month without the need to verify the legal notices again. If you wish to avoid this, please alter your browser settings. We collect these data solely for statistical purposes in order to further optimize our web presence and to make our internet offerings even more attractive. Data are collected and stored only in anonymous or pseudo-anonymous form and do not allow any reference to you as an individual.

Legal notices

Exclusion of liability

The contents of this website were prepared by Invesco Asset Management Deutschland GmbH (referred to in the following as “Invesco”) using the utmost care. At the time of publication, the information provided on this website is up to date and valid and reflects the current estimations of Invesco. This website is regularly updated. However, no liability can be assumed for the correctness, availability and topicality of the information provided at any given point in time. Invesco expressly reserves the right to alter, amend or delete portions of the website or the entire offer without special notice.

Sales documents

The investment funds named on this website are authorized for public sale within the Federal Republic of Germany. The decision to invest must be made based on the currently valid sales documents. These (Key Investor Information Document (KIID), sales brochure, annual and semi-annual reports) are available free of charge in printed form and in German from:

  • your financial advisor
  • Invesco Asset Management Deutschland GmbH, An der Welle 5, D-60322 Frankfurt am Main,
    Tel:+49-69-29-807-0, Fax: +49-69-29-807-552 or
  • the payment and information office of the investment fund.

Sales restrictions

The information and documents on our website are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer or an invitation to buy or sell investment shares.
Persons interested in acquiring shares should independently obtain information on all statutory provisions, regulations and requirements to which they are subject. Before purchasing any investment shares, it is essential to read the KIID and the sales brochure as these contain further information on risks and additional comments.

The information provided on this website is not a substitute for individual consultation. For this reason we request that you consult your financial or other professional advisor on any and all questions you may have before deciding to invest. This also applies if you are unsure whether the investment funds presented on our website are a suitable investment for you.

This website does not offer any fund shares registered under the legal provisions of the USA regarding securities. The shares offered here may not be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, within the USA or its territories, possessions or areas under its jurisdiction, nor for the benefit of citizens or inhabitants of the USA or of persons ordinarily resident there (including the estate of such a person or and corporate bodies or partnerships formed or established there) unless this is permissible by applicable US law.

General risk warnings

The value of shares and the returns on them can rise and fall. The value can be both positively and negatively affected, among other things, by changes in currency exchange rates and other risks. Under unfavorable market development it is possible that you may recover less than the original amount invested or suffer a total loss of investment.

Concrete, product-related risk warnings are contained in the sales documents (particularly the KIID and the sales brochure) for the various investment funds.

The performance of shares in the past is no guarantee of success in the future.

Liability for links

Should links to third party websites appear on the Invesco website, Invesco assumes no responsibility or liability for the contents thereof as it lacks any means of intervention.  Continuous monitoring of the content of linked websites without concrete indication of a breach of law is not feasible, however. Invesco expressly distances itself from comments and other content appearing on external websites which are in violation of statutory and/or contractual prohibitions or limitations. Should we become aware of any such legal infringements, we shall promptly remove the links involved.


The content and structure of these Invesco web pages are protected by copyright law. The reproduction of information, data and content require the prior consent of Invesco. This does not apply to the proper intended use of documents provided by Invesco.